Saturday, June 26, 2010


Last night , my mom received a text message from an unknown number . the sender most probably got the wrong number , i believe . the massage looked like this . read carefully . only if u can . pfft . LOL

Slmt mlm k4k ...
4x mnt mf klk 4x gnggv !st!r4t 4kk.
mcm n! 4xblh t4y3 tk , kk b!s4 nMr 4x 4d3 s4m3 4kk ?

i try not to think that this person is from Mars or something . like , seriously ?? what are u trying to say actually , alien ?

*abang aku cuba bersangka baik dengan mengatakan ;
keypad dia yang huruf A rosak kot . tu pasal dia guna no. 4 .

*momma goes like this ; cacat ke ape ni ? sakit kepala nak baca ! HAHA

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