Thursday, December 16, 2010

five people

okay. okay. since Syan and Faez both posted entries about THE DAY, so I guess I should make one myself too. so here it is ;


awwww look at us. donning our much much love JOHO tees :)

so, we went to our used-to-be favourite hang out place, Roost Juice and Bar. or guys, should I say it's still our favourite hang out place? it's just that i haven't been there for months. heeee.

good food together with lovely people lead to nothing but happy faces

after grabbing some serious meal for dearest tummies, we went to Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim for some picture-snapping-camwhoring thing, but to our dissapointment, 'Pak Guard' there said that the place is not open for public anymore. pffftt.

and after wandering around unfamiliar streets and cracking jokes while driving, it's Danga Bay ya'll ;D
and there goes something that needs no further explanation. PICTURES ;)

we then made our way to Lost Malaya where the Joho Concept Store is located. and boy, we just loveeee that place. the interior is so nice, vibrant, and what most Johorean would say, GEREK :)
fyi, Joho Concept Store are selling items for JOHO lovers. there are tees, hoodie, stickers and buttons. and to my suprise, I even met my primary school friend, Mahanum who work there. *lama tak jump, babe . hee
aaaand here we go again.

it's time for family photo ;)

I sucked at this. BIG TIME -.-

leaving it to these three will do just fine LOL

so that's the end of our short but awesome gathering. thanks a bunch. love u guys much :)

LATER DUDE ! ;D *rambut serabai


  1. Roost memang best haha baju sume sama, cool

  2. hee tu laa. mula2 ingat nak lepask That's. tapi That's mcm kecoh sket tak bole duduk atas lepas tu tak boleh ambik gamba. cehh