Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's must be lonely to be the only one who's holy.

One person taught me a lesson out of his annoying trait today. There's one fine line between being sarcastic and rude. Please, know your boundary.

I know I may be very sarcastic sometimes. In fact, I speak sarcasm as my second language. Yeah, top that. That's just how sarcastic I am. Be it jokes or serious talk, I think being that straight-forward is never fun.

But then again, never cross the line. One minute people are okay with your words, and the next you might be told to shut the friggin' gob.

Just so you know, I am very open to any kind of advice. In fact, I like people pointing out my flaws. Because other people are the best mirror we can have. They see ourselves the way we don't.

People are imperfect, indeed. And if by any chance it crosses your mind to give some mouthful advice to that particular person in your so called cool-sarcastic-way, it's better to hold your horses there, mate. Be mature. What more if you are being sarcastic but cliche. I just dont feel the need to explain how lame that is. Like yeah, you're the one to talk, bro !

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